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Enrollment and Class Schedules 

Canyon College is dedicated to providing a flexible program for all students. Most students can begin courses within one week of acceptance.

Courses begin each Monday at 12:00a.m. MST. If Monday is a recognized holiday by Canyon College, courses begin the following Tuesday at 12:00a.m. MST. Canyon College recognizes class weeks running Monday 12:00a.m. MST through Sunday 11:59p.m. MST.

In the event a course or term you are enrolled in covers a recognized holiday, there are no extensions for the course term. In the event the recognized holiday falls on the Monday start date of the course, the course will start the following Tuesday at 12:00a.m. MST.

Tuition payments must be made by noon Friday to be enrolled and have access to the online classrooms the following Monday. Any payments made after noon Friday will be enrolled to begin classes the next start date (the following Monday).